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We Value You!

Jacqueline Wheat


As Willie D., would say, I'm in my "fourth quarter" of life (61) I say September of life --but who's quibbling ') Anywho. The information that he's given me, the hand-holding, yep, I'm "that child/client" is so greatly appreciated. My financial future is on its way UP!. Hats off to you Sir.

Brandi Starks

SBC Financial

I joined the wealth factor because I knew Willie Dynamite would be dropping gems 💎 and I was right! From real estate to stocks I am glad I became a member!

DJ Spudd

“Whos Got Now Music”

I’ve been in the wealth factor for a little over 2 months and I’m already seeing a big change in my finances and lifestyle.



Willie is definitely doing what we all should be doing, and that’s uplifting our community and teaching financial literacy. I’m very new to this stock portfolio journey, and Willie took time out and and insightful conversation with me about options. I salute you and look forward to our next zoom call.

Willie Chapman

Chapmans Maintenance & Home Repairs

I appreciate Dynamite for helping me see the light. I used to spend money on material things. Now i have my Own business and I invest into real estate buying and flipping houses. I have a nice portfolio of long term stocks and I invest in my kids and my future. Thanks for Everything

Willie Viverette

The Wealth Factor

Hello! This is Willie Viverette! Thank you for your feedback and I am happy to have you as a part of our community!

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